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Method Lash

Primitive bandless 10-12mm Lashes | Set of 3

Primitive bandless 10-12mm Lashes | Set of 3

Looking for a Canadian-made solution to achieve long and luscious eyelashes? Look no further than Method Lash!

She is the shortest girl on the block. She is a progressive lash, subtle in her length - but don’t underestimate her ability to take you from the most natural to the office girl. She is perfect for glasses, comfortable, and varies from 10-12mm.

She is set on a clear band, and extremely light weight. Don’t underestimate her ability to level up your look. She is set on a clear band, and extremely light weight.

Primitive can help you disguise you are even wearing lashes – but still allow your eyes to flutter. 

Primitive is a great entrance into the lash world for teens and grandmothers with eyes of all shapes.

TIP: with the Bandless lashes – for increased comfort be sure you trim the edges of the plastic band if the band is longer than the lash’s edge on the cluster.

 Our innovative lash extensions system is perfect for women who want a little pop to the eye without the need for makeup. OAs the wispiest blended lash in our collection, Aptitude is a lifer to the Method Lash family. Her natural makeup look without the makeup is perfect for the almond-shaped eye and adds glam to the deep-set eye. Plus, she's even great for glasses wearers!



This is the beautiful Aptitude Lashes ONLY - this item does not include the Method Diva Glue.  Refer to our Kits for the Starter Kit should you require the Glue and Applicator.

Method Lashes are made of a blend of synthetic fibres which are held together with a super soft cotton band for the most comfortable weightless wear, handmade to perfection.

This includes:
* 3 sets of Aptitude 11-14mm Lashes 

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